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State of the Union Address 2022

By December 29, 2022January 2nd, 2023DDK

2022 – A Miracle!

My beloved family!

I am writing this Address to you with an enormous degree of gratitude, humility and delight. I congratulate you and rejoice with you, not only because we are closing this year in grand style, but also because we are unveiling the NEXT with hope, courage and faith!

As a valued member of our global community, I am delighted to share with you, our State of the Union Address across my various expressions, including key highlights from 2022, as we look ahead to an incredibly beautiful 2023.

State of the Union Address 2022


1. IMMERSE Inner Circle Membership – It was a very special year for us within our premium women-only coaching membership, successfully running three full 90-Day Coaching Cycles, and launching a fourth cycle with current enrolments HERE. In 2022, we directly served over 80, 000+ members through paid membership, flagship programs, free courses and webinars, epic events and piping hot content.

We further strengthened our Transformational Coaching Model, to deliver overwhelm-free learning and goal achievement for our visionary women. Some of our breakthrough solutions included launching our Partners’ Network, expanding our Community of Support Coaches + Guest Mentors, and starting the Activation Learning Series (bite-size coaching insights on the go!)

Internally, at IMMERSE Coaching Company, we grew our Core DreamTeam to almost 30 members of staff, who are all #StunningColleagues living across 3 continents of the world. Our Conscious Changemaking Initiative (social welfare and outreaches to vulnerable, low income communities hosted by our members) delivered 15 impact projects to thousands of beneficiaries, with a $10, 000+ member-crowdsourced Impact Fund.

Join our Premium Women-Only Coaching Membership HERE. Access our Premium Men-Only Coaching Program HERE. Experience our Signature Coaching Programs and Short Courses HERE

2. Visionary Compass Accelerator Program (our elite accelerator program for the 1% best in class African visionaries to launch, grow and scale their next-level assignment) went LIVE with our Class of 2022 Academic Year and I am still in awe of the calibre of leaders we have in the Program this year! Our Visionary Leadership MasterClass with Fela Durotoye became an instant hit, enrolling 10, 000+ students in days after we launched it.

We are so thankful to thought-leaders who have provided us expert guidance and mentorship this year, including Joycee Awosika, Naomi Osemudua, Abi Longe, Abiola Adediran, John Obidi, Dr. Emmanuel Tarfa, Dr. Sam Ekundayo, Sola Adesakin, Dr. Oleg Konovalov and Just Ibe. Access our MasterClasses HERE and Visionary Sessions on YouTube HERE.

3. EPIC Events: Oh! We feel so proud of the EPIC Events we held this year, which provided catalytic coaching for our global community. Some of our best 2022 Events at IMMERSE are Visioning 2022 Retreat, Live Awake Conference 2022 (IWD Edition), Ghana Coaching Hangout, Dubai Coaching Retreat with DDK, MoBalo Future of Fashion Roundtable, VCAP Coaching Retreat, Future-Forward Female Intensive 3.0. Get our EVENT REPLAYS HERE

We thank our Speakers and Artists at these events for their valued contribution – Hansatu Adegbite, Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani, Temilola Adepetun, Dr. Kaffy Shafau,  Bisola Longe, ‘Deroju Ope-Ajayi, Lady Makosi, Atilola Moronfolu, OluwaShalom, Omonigho Aito-Imonah, Rhoda Aguonigho, Bernice Asein, Damilola Ademilokun, Chioma Ogbudimkpa, Jumoke Shotonwa and Kemisola Bolarinwa

4. IMMERSE SproutWoman (our coaching plan for young ladies between 15 and 19 years old) has continued to grow, reaching over 3, 000+ young women, who have joined our coaching membership since we started. What a way to invest in the future! You can become a sponsor HERE

5. Future-Forward Female Movement – This continues to be such a strong inspiration to me, and a powerful expression of my assignment as a transformational coach! Through the Movement, we are rallying a conscious collective for visionary women of African descent this Decade. From our Future-Forward Female Intensives which has been attended by over 50, 000 women, to Future-Forward MasterMind (our high-tier membership for female leaders), to Future-Forward Female Assessment and the Future-Forward Folio; we are astonished by how much we achieved this great vision and I want you to know that something huge is coming in 2023. 


1. Social Innovation School: We were so excited to fully launch our Social Innovation School this year, as a fully equipped one-stop learning studio for Africa’s early-stage and emerging changemakers, nonprofit leaders and impact-driven entrepreneurs. The School’s impact is growing so quickly, and we are so proud of all our amazing students. Learn more HERE

2. Social Impact Webinars: Throughout the year, we held these Webinars focused on Africa’s sustainable development, nation building and active citizenship. We covered NonProfit Design for Impact, Access to Global Opportunities for Young African Leaders, Social Impact Storytelling for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises, Sustainable Donor Management and Retention, Climate Change and Sustainability, Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development, Good Governance and Public Policy amongst others. Access the Webinars for Free HERE

We truly appreciate the support of our Webinar Mentors this year – Fidelis Bonaventure Uzoma, Dr. Naomi Osemedua, Dr. Omotola Akinsola, Temilade Salami, Chinenye Monde-Anumihe, Obinna Osisiogu and Mark Amaza

3. Strategic Partnerships for Development: True to our mission, we partnered with organisations to host events and projects for advancing the pursuit of nation building and active citizenship. We are so thankful to have worked with Educating Leaders Summit by FAME Foundation, Babcock International Model United Nations Conference, EKO Innovation Centre as well as hosting a Citizens’ Policy Roundtable to help political candidates understand the needs of Nigerian Citizens.

4. We also held Development Dialogue 2022, Nigeria’s foremost thought-leadership conference for the Social Sector. Our focus on Good Governance and Public Policy pulled in speakers and attendees from across the continent in the virtual convening. I have high hopes that our contributions will continue to make the needed impact for rebuilding our continent. Please access REPLAYS of the 2022 Dialogue HERE, Download 2022 Dialogue Brochure HERE and access all our Signature Courses HERE

We thank all our amazing speakers and moderators for their excellent partnership – Mrs Alero Ayida-Otobo, Eldrid Jordaan​, Hon Utaara Mootu, Mark Amaza, Abayomi Akinbo, Petrider Paul, Anoziva Marindire-Mutize, Luopou Marthe Loua, Obinna Osisiogu​, Karimot Odebode, Caleb Adebayo, Ugochi Obidiegwu and Seye Olurotimi.


At Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance, I am in awe of all the amazing opportunities we’ve had to provide spiritual discipleship, ministry mentorship, communities of faith, missionary support and counselling to tens of thousands of believers this year through various outreaches.

This year, it was a special blessing to directly disciple and mentor believers within our community through Kingdom Paradigm Sessions (my twice-a-month spiritual mentoring masterclasses). God has been so generous with great counsel, producing clarity, courage and conviction in us!

It was a weighty year of MINISTRY for us, with almost 50 internal and external events, which reached a cumulative of over 100, 000 direct attendees in both in-person and virtual contexts. Our year started with Torch Gathering, then we held AMPLIFY – Mentoring Conference with DDK (for my spiritual sons, daughters, proteges and partners), on to the Ministry MasterClasses, then our extraordinary Heavenly Portals’ Meeting, on to Supernatural Rain Ghana and Dubai, the Young Ministers’ Convention, and Believers’ CampMeetings in Ibadan and Abuja. We closed out 2022 with Kingdom Leadership Convention and 2022 Annual Retreat.

It has been a great privilege to proclaim Christ to believers all over the world in an atmosphere of the Word, Prayers and Worship! Access our Ministry Events and Teachings HERE, Download DDK’s Audio Sermons from our Telegram Channel HERE, become a Member HERE and Access our Spiritual Growth Programs HERE

We thank our Spiritual Fathers and Leaders for love, generosity, sacrifice and leadership – Apostle Segun and Funke Obadje, Pastor Dele and Morin Osunmakinde, Pastor Vincent and Dotun Arifalo, Pastor Deji Kurunmi.

We also thank Ministers who blessed us this year – Apostle Isi Igbenegba, Apostle Tomi Arayomi, Queen Ivie Emiko, Pastor Chingtok Ishaku, Pastor Dele Osunmakinde, Pastor Dotun Arifalo, Ministers Nosa, David Nkennor, Ludara Dave, Debbie Amole, Oba Bamike, Pastors Mayowa and Esther Omoniyi, Imisi Owolabi, Daniel Olawande, Segun Kolade, Tutu Adelaja, Toyin Banjo, Bukky Ogunwale.


We have been building a literal army over the last decade to drive the Transformation Mandate I have received. This year, as I stepped back from operational work in more ways; my appreciation heightened for having a rock-solid, stellar team of Senior Leaders across our organisations.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you do through your vision-aligning, culture-shaping, action-stirring and love-inspiring leadership! Thank you Ngozi Divine-Basil, Olabisi Obayomi, Osham Ndubisi, Nene Oche, Dr. Adediwura Arowosegbe, Toyin Banjo, Bukky Ogunwale, Arounke Feyi-Emmanuel, Anwuli Ngene, Adetutu Adelaja, Ife Freeman, Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo.

Thank you to all leaders, stewards, partners, launch team members, volunteers, supporters, crusaders, donors, guest mentors, support coaches, co-authors, designers, media team members, publishers, friends and family who make our work, life and ministry richer in many ways. Thank you!

My BIGGEST LESSONS from 2022 🤩

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer them.”

– Zora Neale Hurston

Each year is filled with profound insights and wisdom.  As an individual as well as a visionary leader across various assignments and expressions; here are my top ten lessons from 2022!

1. Visionary Articulation: It is important to articulate what’s beating in your heart. Even if writing it scares you or makes you feel silly; doing so is the first step to giving your vision legitimate access into the earth realm. And if you’re not burning bright with a clear picture of where you’re headed, by every means, pursue foresight like your life depends on it. BECAUSE it actually does!

By the way, I will help you start your 2023 with compelling vision through my extremely beloved Visioning 2023 Webinar on Friday, 7th January 2023. Register for free HERE before we shut the doors.

2. There’s a FIGHT in YOU: We’ve been in what I have called Seasons of the Pressing or Pruning. So many people have faced difficulties, disappointments and delay in 2022, and I know you could feel so tired of it all. But you must continue on your path courageously, because there is a fight in you. As you advance in the face of adversity, a new dimension of you will emerge. And that YOU is wiser, stronger and greater!

3. Commitment to Excellence: The decision to be thorough, excellent, value-soaked and exceptional is not merely an ethical choice, but a business and life strategy. We have absolutely no reason to be mediocre or play small. We may start with a segment or fraction of the whole, but even in our small beginnings, we must strive to do a good job every time! This is a sign of respect for ourselves, our vision and the people we are called to serve. 

4. Multiplier People: As a leader, 2022 really reminded me that having the right people is actually EVERYTHING. There are people who come into your life to multiply your rest, resources and results; I call them Multiplier People. It is important to be clear about the talent you need, then pray with all your heart for them to come to you. Also, become intentional about developing your people, unlocking their genius to achieve goals, and complementing your weaker areas. (PS: Peep my daily 6PM Affirmation Alarm!)

5. Elegant Systems are Priceless!: This decade will reward legacy leaders, value-vested visionaries and forerunners with foresight; because unprecedented opportunities and never-seen-before open doors are emerging out of crises, megatrends and a new world order. Interestingly, it is not merely great ideas that will define the leaders; but solid systems to drive high performance, cutting-edge innovation and scale readiness. Begin to prepare! I will teach more on this during Visioning 2023 Retreat.

6. Mind your MIND: I shared at the start of 2022, that we were at the beginning of a Mental Health Revolution this Decade, with a likely rise in mental health challenges and suicide, even from prominent global citizens. Sadly, we witnessed this to some degree this year. This year, I found it all the more important to carefully, consciously and consistently nurture a wholesome and well soul – across all arenas of your emotions, will, imagination, thoughts and overall mindset.

7. Higher Demand : My voice, work and expertise have been in higher demand in the last few years, especially around coaching, consulting and spiritual ministry; producing higher impact, influence and income across all my expressions. But here is the big insight, especially for those who seek to elevate their authority and abundance in 2023; you will require greater mastery of the five supreme assets of your time, focus, energy, craft and favor.

8. Keep Building: Don’t care about the numbers. Just keep building. Everything adds up over time! If you fixate on how many people are listening to your podcast, buying your books or signing up for your webinar, you may not focus on the creative investments that will ultimately make you a leader in your industry. Never place your worth or validation on the stats, live from within and the numbers will catch up with time. (Still a powerful lesson for me!)

9. Sustain your Sabbath: With the degree of demand that was laid upon me this year, I placed even greater value on building Safe Spaces of Sabbath for my soul. For me, I consistently stepped away from the frenzy of work to rest and retreat, spent a lot of time with those I love, experienced the simple joys of nature, and immersed myself in good humour. I read, worshipped and cried, dressed up pretty and travelled a bit more. It made the difference for me!

10. Profitable PIVOTS: I know we are sometimes so afraid when approaching transitions that turn us away from what we’ve always known and done, but a time must come when we need to scale into significance and pivot into profit! No matter how far you’ve gone with a dimension of your assignment, God could unlock a new level – so that your GOOD doesn’t stand in the way of your GREAT. Guess what, that journey is terrifying, confusing and sometimes, all too unclear. But don’t wait until a fountain dries before you notice that a new water body is waiting for you. MOVE!

Let’s thank God for 2022. We have a lot to be grateful for! There are even greater days ahead of us! You will thrive, you will triumph. It is your time and your turn!

5 Special GIFTS for your Phenomenal 2023! 🎁

As we step into 2023, a Year that will Solve Enigmas; these are my gifts to help you step up a truly Phenomenal Year.

💝 2022-2023 Self-Evaluation Blueprint – a comprehensive reflection tool to carefully weigh your Year 2022 against ten critical areas of your mastery in your life. Download for Free HERE

💝 Visioning 2023 Webinar – a FREE Coaching Intensive to undress the defining directions that 2023 will take and set yourself on course to thrive + triumph! Register HERE

💝 Visioning 2023 Retreat (Lagos, Abuja) – Breakthrough Coaching Retreat to be positioned and propelled into your significant advantage, unlock unique opportunities based on your Destiny DNA and step into new territories of greatness in 2023, because you have SECRETS, STRATEGIES and SOLUTIONS that are hidden from others. Learn More HERE

💝 Prophetic Launchpad 2023 Meeting – Heavyweight Convening in Spirit and Scriptures to access your divinely open doors for 2023 and embrace God’s covenant provisions for your life. Register for Free HERE

💝 Discounted ACCESS to ALL my Signature Programs, Resources and Books. Enjoy HERE

I love you, I am committed to you, and I want us to grow together in 2023. Remember to leave me a comment!


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