Adebola Deji-Kurunmi

A Dimpled Smile

on the face of the World!

I believe in the enormous  power of the human potential; the extraordinary beauty of every woman and the tremendous prosperity in Africa’s future!

BELIEVER IN JESUS CHRIST – At the core of my human expression is my absolute belief in Jesus Christ! It is my highest ambition to be like Him and advance the Kingdom Agenda on earth.
PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION COACH – My mission and devotion is to help women release a higher version of themselves, through powerful self-rediscovery, personal introspection and purposeful action
DEVELOPMENT SECTOR ACCELERATOR – I am compelled to catalyze Africa’s emerging prosperity by equipping its active citizens – who solve pressing social problems through innovation and entrepreneurship – with education and advisory.
SPEAKER AND CORPORATE TRAINER – Words are my tool, my escape, my crutch & my profound weapon. With words; I light sparks, start fires, heal human depths & empower corporations. I constantly leverage my oratory prowess to drive memorable learning experiences and create new thinking patterns.
AUTHOR – I believe that the collective progress of humanity is driven by shared perspectives. I write because I’ve found a message to share with the world! My books call believers to dream, dare and do. I pray they provide a charge of courage to my generation and the ones to come.
Adebola Deji-Kurunmi

“Everything I do is tied to releasing the greatness in women, organizations and African nations.”

“You cannot build God around your schedules, you build your schedules around God.”

“Every believing woman at her best is a burning fire and a shining light.”

Discover Yourself, Discover God


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MY LIFE IS FULL OF ENCOUNTERS: A Journey into an Endless Love with Christ
KINGDOM OF WORDS: A Compilation of Faith Confessions in the Series
FIREBRAND: Be God's Kind of Woman

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