Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a transformational catalyst, equipping a new breed of African visionaries to rise  and enthrone the continent into global prominence! Her work of coaching, consulting and capacity build cut across Christ-centered ministry (through Deborah Initiative for Women and FIREBRAND Movement),  Mindset Coaching for women (through IMMERSE Coaching Company), as well as public policy and impact  advisory (through Ideation Hub Africa).  

At IMMERSE Coaching Company, Debola leads a 20,000+ strong community of female changemakers  who are using her breakthrough coaching and courses to create new powerful mindsets for a life of  purpose, contribution and influence. Her clients have cut across social innovators, entrepreneurs, career  professionals, thought-leaders, faith-based voices and women seeking exponential growth.

Through Ideation Hub Africa, she runs a social profit accelerator, which supports non-profits, innovators,  civil society organisations and public sector agencies, through executive education, collaborative  platforms, funding opportunities and advisory. Ideation Hub is also the host of Development Dialogue,  which is Nigeria’s leading development sector conference. 

Debola has been severally recognized for her outstanding leadership impact and has received Awards including 2014 New Leader for Tomorrow in the order of business, government, and parliaments at  the Crans Montana Forum in Geneva; an award conferred before several Presidents and world leaders. 

She served twice as a Mentor Jury of the Queen’s Young Leader Awards (a UK Government fellowship  that honors exceptional young leaders in the Common Wealth). In 2018, she was selected by the US  Government as one of Africa’s most promising young leaders and a Mandela Washington Fellow. Last  year, she was listed as one of 100 Most Inspiring Nigerian Women 2019 and continues to serve as a Youth  Representative at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group. 

At the 2018 Mandela Washington Annual Summit in Washington DC , Debola delivered the electrifying  viral speech on How to Fry Fish to Solve a Wicked Problemwhere she shared heartfelt insights for  African young leaders willing to fix the continent’s toughest challenges. 

DDK as she is fondly called, is an author of 16 books till date, including the classic called FIREBRAND which  continues to reach thousands of readers in powerful ways. Born from the Book, is  the FIREBRAND Movement which includes FIREBRAND Festivals across cities, FIREBRAND Prayer  Journals, FIREBRAND Psalms, and more recently FIREBRAND Forerunners. 

She is joyfully married to her lover, Ayodeji and they are blessed with children.

Debola as a Ministry Gift

In the last 13 years, she has worked at the heart of her life’s assignment, actively supporting young women to pursue their God-ordained purpose through mentoring, coaching and leadership. An author of 16 books, including the very beloved “Kingdom of Words” and “Firebrand”,  she desires to light a burning fire across generations and turn hearts in the direction of their divine destiny, through her books.

At Deborah Initiative for Women, she leads God’s daughters to pray with passion, grow towards greatness and move with urgency for the high calling in Christ Jesus. Since 2010, the outreach has grown into four cities in Nigeria and five countries of the world with a strong partnership of godly women raising other women for God’s Kingdom Agenda!

At FIREBRAND, she leads God’s people to obey the urgent prophetic clarion call from our Heavenly Father, to awaken a generation that is hungry for His Spirit and burning with passionate desire for Him in this final hour. FIREBRAND, a mandate to release believers into a personal revival journey with the Holy Spirit so that He can transform us to transform the world. This Spirit led assignment opened up in 2017, with the launch of FIREBRAND, FIREBRAND  psalms, FIREBRAND prayer Journals, hosted 8 Festivals, ran an online devotional and the FIREBRAND Forerunner course.

Debola and her husband are Resident Pastors at The Baptizing Church, Lekki, Lagos.

Debola as a Personal Transformation Coach

In 2014, she started IMMERSE Coaching Company for women seeking self-discovery, life definition and personal growth. The Company has graduated 2, 500+ women across nine countries from its suite of online Personal Transformation Programs, including the flagship IMMERSE 30-Day Transformation Challenge as well as the uncommon sense conference for women – Acceleration Campus!

DDK is the “Doability” Coach, Mindset Re-engineering Queen, and Activation Pro, who hands you the energy of two to run your vision with guts and gusto. She is Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company.

Since 2014, she has helped almost 15,000+ multi-influential women to upgrade into higher versions of themselves, empowering them to break out of crippling conditioning into conscious creation till they step into an UPGRADE in meaning, mission, money, and major moves. Her signature programs include The 30-Day Transformation Challenge, Mindful Detox, and IGNITION Intensive.

She believes if you find the wisdom that works, plus a community that cares; you can accomplish phenomenal things in your life. This is the drive behind IMMERSE Inner Circle; to provide go-getter women, with the coaching, courses, content, and community that make their dreams doable.

Debola as a Development Sector Consultant

On the strength of her belief that Africa’s future and emerging prosperity will be spurred by active citizens and social innovators; she founded IDEATION HUB AFRICA, which provides executive education, enterprise advisory and mentorship for NGOs, Social Entrepreneurs and Changemakers as well as hosts Development Dialogue – Nigeria’s foremost thought-leadership conference for the third sector and Women in Development Summit.

Through the BIG WHY PROJECT, Debola has curated Nigeria’s first online documentary for its finest change-makers, to showcase the extraordinary work of thinkers, doers, influencers, advocates and visionaries for social good, working within our development landscape and creating tomorrow today.