Let’s just say I’m left with photocopies of Faith Confessions by DDK because I talked about it so much to my friends, they’ve taken all my copies! They taught me to confess intelligently with the Word of God. My prayer and confession life changed!

Moradeun BalogunBook Review

Where do I start from? Is it from the Feast of This Year? Each time I pick it up, it’s a new message from heaven for me! These confessions are filled with God’s power and I have not been the same taking them! In fact, I can’t but sandwich tongues in between the confessions because they are so spirit-lifting!

Adetunji BukolaBook Review

Ah! Kingdom of Words (the combined volume of all books in the faith series) was my cheat prayer book, because there was no way I could be so fluent in prayers at the time, lol! The confessions are so deep, accurate and so put together. I would finish praying a confession and think, this is the perfect prayer for so and so; they were the books I bought the most copies of! They helped my prayer life and faith TREMENDOUSLY!”

Anwulika NgeneBook Review

I recently took a confession from Anointing for Workplace Excellence when I was posted to a new unit in my workplace, that I knew nothing about. I found favour with the senior colleagues who taught me some things and within a week, a lot of things were left in my care, my opinions are reckoned with and even though it is said to be the most stressful unit, I am actually enjoying it and not undergoing any stress at all, but sharpening my skills.

Adewole Olawunmi AderounkeBook Review

UNSTOPPABLE is such a loaded book. I’ve read it and currently re-reading it. Full of FACTS based on His word, applicable to every of life’s issues and yielding heavy nuggets of motivation to move as led of the Spirit, irrespective what level you currently are in your walk with God.

Funmi AyowoleBook Review

UNSTOPPABLE is indeed spiritual book. It is a life-giving, spirit-energizing, soul-transforming and a spirit-awakening book. One thing it does so well that I know of a truth, is that it keeps my spirit awake when I use the confessions in it. Every believer must have it in their hands. I so love the fact it touches on every concern of human endeavor. It became a permanent content in my handbag at some point and gave out a few copies, I felt like I should buy hundreds of copies and take them to universities and churches.

Adenike Leke-AkinbodeBook Review

The confessions in Healing from Soul Wounds lifted me from depression, guilt and pain of disappointment. I’m now stronger, bigger and better! This book transcends every form of wounds; whether marital, church-related, parent-related etc. It’s amazing how the book works!!!!!!!

Adetunji BukolaBook Review

Worded Worship is a book every believer must have! It has opened my eyes to the benevolence and goodness of God in countless ways. Each time I go through it, it’s like an electric surge passes through my whole body from my head downwards and I see myself on the floor soaked in my own tears.

I feel great joy flowing like streams of water through me and in that instance, I fling my worries into the sea and give God thanks for who He is. If you want to see God in action, go through it with a pure heart and a childlike mind, and yes, I experience miracles afterwards!

Ebele Anne-MarieBook Review

Worded Worship is a book that takes the lid off you about who God is to His children as against the knowledge of a stereotyped God.

Abe OmololaBook Review

Your faith confessions are prayers I always look forward to because they are always, always spot on and deep. I recently found myself praying from one of your books, Marriage Prayer Altar, and the Lord was speaking to me again through its pages. These prayers have birthed a revival in my heart and home.

I also have a copy of ENLISTED (Prophetic Motherhood) which is very deep and insightful. Now, I lay hands on my baby when he is asleep to speak into his life and I’m excited already at the thought of his future. Also, these faith confessions set my heart straight and help me call those things that are not as though they were. I am excited because I am going deeper and deeper with Jesus as a result of these prayers and confessions

Bukola AbidoyeBook Review

Your books especially ‘Feast of This Year’ have really helped me. There was a season when I was using the book as an inspiration or charge up to pray. Sometimes when I make those confessions, there is this feeling that I am literally pushing things in the Spirit. The confessions in those books are powerful and worth confessing

Olowolade AdeyinkaBook Review

My first contact with Debola’s books was with Healing from Soul Wounds. Ha!!!…it was just what I needed at that time when I was in a valley period. I was experiencing delays that I couldn’t explain by human reasoning. I felt like I was being left behind, with my friends and even younger ones visibly progressing in every area and I was there, literally grounded and not advancing. I became depressed! So, I got the Book at her meeting for free.

As I went through it, I got to the part about Healing from Lost Time and I just stopped there to really personalize the confessions! That book was literally in my bible for over a year! I would wake up, read the scriptures attached to each confession and then take the confessions. Guess what? My peace returned because I became so confident that what has taken my mates years to achieve would be perfected in me within months, as I had been declaring!!

This has been my anchor and my testimony. I was able to laugh in the midst of the delay, my heart had no more fear and I was at peace. Finally, after waiting for 3 good years before being finally mobilized for NYSC, I found favor in a strange land, and I got a job immediately after my service year, for which I didn’t apply.

Today, I can hardly pray without making a confession out of Healing from Soul Wounds. I don’t open it every day anymore because those words and scriptures have taken roots in my heart!

I have had this book since 2012 and as I type right now, it is right in front of me because as I carry those scriptures in my heart, I also carry the book physically just in case there’s an emergency to use the other confessions in the book that I have not taken time to study.

Olukanni ToyosiBook Review

Healing from Soul Wounds stands out for me because I was such a mess at some point and would confess the whole book every morning at a time. I believed and I got back a part of me every time until I was whole.

Anwulika NgeneBook Review

I’d call Feast of This Year a masterpiece. It is a graphic blueprint of the year God has prepared for you; if only you would take the way of His words and enter into the feast.

Nneka OkonkwoBook Review

Praying with the faith confessions have helped me significantly. It healed my heart, refreshed my soul and helped me forgive. I’m married today with a beautiful daughter – peaceful and joyful, for indeed, we were blessed with what we prayed for. I had a supernatural childbirth experience despite my fears and faith took over as I put his words in my mouth.

Kemi Boye-FakunleBook Review

The first time I got a faith confession book written by DDK, I was in a place in my life where I had lost hope and was tired of praying or worshipping. I was so low, but using the book ignited my prayer life and the results are evident!

Omotayo Atinuke JunaidBook Review

Using your faith confessions have a way of pushing me to run along like an athlete who is getting weary but is being cheered on by a coach. The prophetic prayers deal with my heart, scattering strongholds of negativity and doubt; as well as forcing my heart to dance to the tune of the Spirit. They have caused the whole of me to align with God’s will.

Oyewo Ifeoluwa E.Book Review

I got your book, Life Advantage by the Covenant, as a gift from one of my pastors back on campus in Obafemi Awolowo University. This was my first encounter with Debola Deji-Kurunmi and the book has remained my prayer companion.

Damilola AdewaleBook Review

Joy Project contains faith-inspiring testimonies that I connect with from time to time. It tells God’s mighty hands at work in the lives of believers and what He is still set to do in, through and for us.

Adegoke OlawunmiBook Review

Healing from Soul Wounds helped me move forward from a lot of baggage I never realized I was still carrying. Today I’m lighter and free. Free from hurt, malice, resentment and all forms of bitterness.

Kemi Boye-FakunleBook Review

Chiffon Inspiration is one of my best DDK’s books. Sincerely, I had not seen that kind of book before: a book with inspired quotes, scriptures, meditation and life changing questions. And even the title!

I was just so fascinated and I started reading and digesting. I really didn’t know some of the words I had digested would come back to me. So, at a point in my life when it seemed the only picture I had about life was fading away and I seemed to be grossly disadvantaged, you know what came back to me, not just as words this time but as a revelation? It’s found on page 90 of the book ‘when you wake up is your own morning!’ There’s no reason to feel late because your sister got married before you or your best friend got a promotion ahead of you! When it’s your time, then it’s your time! With its scripture back up in Ecclesiastes 3:11!

Adedokun TemitayoBook Review

Healing from Soul Wounds is an interesting book and was actually my first contact with DDK’S books. It was a free gift distributed at a conference I attended in April 2013. I was going through a lot of emotional trauma at that time and I had a lot of low moments, and negative emotions.It was a book in season to deal with all those emotions. Declaring God’s Word to myself gave me a whole different perspective by the power of faith confessions. I still refer to it from time to time.

Adewole Olawunmi AderounkeBook Review

Your faith confessions and prophetic prayers have helped me to be very deliberate about my growth in Christ, with my choice of words (as I’m fully aware that words are powerful and life is ‘carried’ in words) and to consciously work out my salvation with fear and trembling. I’m challenged daily to seek Jesus like never before.

Tolulope OyinloyeBook Review

I remember how DDK literally recruited me into the Launch Team for print versions of Life Advantage by the Covenant and Healing from Soul Wounds. For about two years, they were part of my devotionals. I would read them on my way to work. Many times, I will be confessing and weeping deeply because the wounds were so deep and the healing I started experiencing was so deep too!!!

I have been healed of deep-seated emotional wounds that held me bound for years and I also began to build my desired future using my Life Advantage by the Covenant. Many times, I would open the bible and go back to the Scriptures shared in her books, in amazement that the Scriptures actually existed and I was not even aware! The Word literally became life in me!!!!I haven’t stopped gifting my friends print copies of these books because I am a woman who is helped by God and I am just so grateful for how he keeps working in me.

Bunmi Dayo-AyeniBook Review

Using your faith confessions have a way of pushing me to run along like an athlete who is getting weary but is being cheered on by a coach. The prophetic prayers deal with my heart, scattering strongholds of negativity and doubt; as well as forcing my heart to dance to the tune of the Spirit. They have caused the whole of me to align with God’s will.

Oyewo Ifeoluwa E.Book Review

Faith Confessions are like the oil that help my prayer life to flow smoothly! At those times when I feel my prayers are getting dry or when that zeal is not there, I start to make these confessions and suddenly they become the key that unlocks a “Gusher”, then the words just begin to flow! Faith confessions are also what I hold unto when the physical situations are saying otherwise as I repeat them over and over until they manifest in the physical.

Damilola AdewaleBook Review

Your books have helped me gain more spiritual consciousness about life, issues and challenges generally. I see spiritual insights when I use the faith confessions and they guide my response to life when I am confronted, especially in my marriage, work, character and life assignment.

Adenike Leke-AkinbodeBook Review

Your book, Kingdom of Words, has personally helped me on my journey. I remember confessing the Favour Factor back to back yet it seemed like I didn’t see anything happening, but when my season came, it was like a cloud had been loading and then rained heavily. It is still raining to the glory of God!!

Adetutu AdelajaBook Review

All of DDK’s Books of Faith Confessions have been a tremendous blessing to me, apart from inspiring me to write my own personal confessions, they have helped me build an organized confession-taking pattern!!! Sometimes I don’t just use them for confessions, but also my meditation.

Temitayo AdedokunBook Review

I got the book UNSTOPPABLE and it turned things around for my family. We would confess the words in the book daily. Indeed God’s word has become flesh in our lives and has turned back.

Elizabeth AjetunmobiBook Review